Commit 698718f9 authored by Debian's avatar Debian
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chat: trim specific comments

parent 0b1be584
- name: recreate mattermost
files: docker-compose-securedrop-club.yml
files: docker-compose-infrastructure.yml
project_src: /srv/mattermost
state: present
become: False
......@@ -25,10 +25,10 @@
mkdir -p /srv/mattermost/volumes/app/mattermost/{data,config,logs}
chown -R debian:debian /srv/mattermost/volumes/app
- name: Copy docker-compose-securedrop-club.yml
- name: Copy docker-compose-infrastructure.yml
src: docker-compose-securedrop-club.yml
dest: /srv/mattermost/docker-compose-securedrop-club.yml
src: docker-compose-infrastructure.yml
dest: /srv/mattermost/docker-compose-infrastructure.yml
owner: debian
mode: "0600"
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