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version 2.0.15

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* version 2.0.15
* enough: implement volume resize cli
* enough: move wait\_for\_ssh to OpenStackBase
* wordpress: uploads.ini permissions are too strict
* infrastructure: display error message when interfaces do not come up
* sign releases
* Update link to contributing guide
* enough: ensure deleted stacks are always removed from hosts.yml
* enough: use when creating a subnet
* infrastructure: wait for interfaces before configuring them
* enough: do not rely on stack update to get the server IP
* enough: only parse IPv4, not IPv6
* enough: s/only\_internal/internal\_only/
* openvpn: split monitoring in a playbook
* tests: no need to reboot hosts with internal network only
* enough: there always is an internal network
* enough: the network never changes when the stack is updated
* use network\_internal\_only instead of openstack\_network: internal
* bind: external host cannot be registered on the DNS
* openvpn: set .1 in addition to the existing IP instead of overriding it
* bind: revert dhclient.conf.j2 changes for backward compatibility
* bind: use a different dhclient.conf for eth1
* bind: use the internal IP for resolving instead of the public IP
* bind: only listen to ipv4 (take 2)
* bind: only listen to ipv4
* bind,infrastructure: add network\_{primary,secondary}\_interface
* backup: s/snapshot/volume snapshot/
* gitlab: use 1 puma worker instead of 3 to reduce memory usage
* bump version 2.0.15
* wordpress: the reverse proxy must be set before wordpress is setup
* wordpress: do not debug by default
* wordpress: add wordpress\_db\_{name,user} variables
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